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Guest Testimonials

Kurdistan Adventures is proud to present a selection of feedback made by our guests.

We are committed to making sure each and every guest leaves with a positive impression of Kurdistan Adventures, so we welcome all feedback.

Custom Tours

Thanks for everything.

Mr Wayne B (Canada)


Akre and Ahmad Awa were the highlights of my tour, it was perfect and the guys in charge make this an exciting, safe, informative and fun vacation... thanks!

Mr George P (United States)


I have been living and working in the Middle East for the past 34 years; which has allowed me to travel extensively. I travel because I enjoy different cultures, landscapes and adventures. Kurdistan has met all of these criteria during my recent 7 day tour. I found the people very friendly and hospitable and the scenery beautiful and unspoiled.

Actually I like to travel on my own; but, I highly recommend a tour in Kurdistan before you venture off on your own. A tour helps you with the language (Kurdish), where to go and not to go and gives you an insight into the history and culture. Also it helps you get from point A to point B, as distances are 2-3 hours apart and local transportation is limited to taxis.

I found the philosophy of Kurdistan Adventures is for you to enjoy yourself and to learn about Kurdistan. There are very accommodating and can design a tour around your interests. Their approach is young, untarnished, positive and full of energy. They are willing to try new ideas and also are interested in your ideas. The management is compassionate about Kurdistan and about showing it off to their visitors. This is a formula which means success.

If you are interested in historical sights, hiking, nature or both, there is enough to do on a 7-10 day tour with Kurdistan Adventures in Kurdistan.

Thanks to Karwan & Shannon, managers & tour guides. I had a delightful time & plan to return soon to Kurdistan.

Miss Patricia B (United States)


It was a great trip and of course we would recommend everyone to go there who likes nature and likes to meet friendly hospitable people. Our expectations concerning the country were positively excelled including our special travel intentions. The organisation was great and we would definitely recommend your travel agency. In case we decide again to go to Kurdistan we certainly will choose your travel-agency again.


Willi and Christoph S (Germany)


Kurdistan Adventures helped my friends and I out with some delicate matters. In Summer 2010 we travelled around the Middle East independently. An unknown world with unknown bus schedules. Nobody perfectly understands the Middle East and our most exciting plan was to see Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan. One thing was sure. We would cross the Iranian – Iraqi land border. A border which is pretty much off the beaten track. The Lonely Planet writers weren’t there yet. The crossing seemed like a gamble, but fortunately Kurdistan Adventures helped us out.

Shannon told us the do’s and don’ts and supplied us useful information about the current security situation in the region. It gave us a lot of comfort and it made us make the right decisions. We only stayed in Iraqi Kurdistan for a few days, but because of Shannon’s vital advice, we could make the most of it. So we did. Kurdistan Adventures helps you out on all your questions. They are easy to get in touch with, and provide you reliable vital information. Thank you very much! Spas!

Sierd van der B (The Netherlands)


We had a great time in Kurdistan and the whole family enjoyed travelling through this fascinating country.

The advice and assistance we received from Kurdistan Adventures staff was certainly valuable and helpful in several aspects:

1) We had a small problem with our car and aimed to contact a Renault dealer in Sulaimaniyah. As there is no Renault dealer and repair service in Kurdistan, we very much appreciated Karwan's help and his advice to consult a very knowledgeable mechanist in a local car service - and got professional help.

2) Kurdistan Adventures arranged a contact with the Ministry of Agriculture and thanks to a recommendation letter which I obtained from the regional government of Kurdistan in Berlin prior to our trip we got professional assistance in identifying locations outside of Sulaimaniyah which are attractive from an entomologist's point of view.

3) We utilized Kurdistan Adventures' assistance while staying in Sulaimaniyah and did some sight-seeing.

4) Last but not least we had a very informative chat with Karwan about the country and current living and future perspectives in Kurdistan which we appreciated very much as we are very eager to learn about foreign countries we are travelling to by speaking with people who are actually living there and can provide valuable background information.

Dr. Oliver S (Germany)


Myself and my wife Laima, travelled Iraq Kurdistan with our own car in early June 2010. I contacted Kurdistan Adventures by email with a lot of questions in advance. We managed to start our journey almost at the same time as the worsening security conditions started in Turkey. All the time Shannon was updating us about the security situation in Iraq. We were planning to arrange a one or two days trip with Kurdistan Adventures, but unfortunately no time was left and we were unable to do so. So I owe him at least a pint of beer :-)

I'm an experienced traveller, and the information Kurdistan Adventures provided about the security situation was very professional. I also recommend to take a guided trip at least for day or two - it will let to be introduced into the country culture. My photos from the Iraq trip could be found at

Dr. Vytas S (Lithuania)

Day Trips

We just wanted to tell you that we had a great time with Kurdistan Adventures last Friday.

As you know, Naomi and I had intended to travel through Iraqi Kurdistan just by ourselves and we had done so until we got to Sulaymaniyah and decided to contact you via Facebook to see if you were free to catch up for a drink. We were planning to visit Ahmad Awa and Halabja ourselves but after some arm twisting (alright – there was none of that! :P), we decided to use you guys for our day trip.

Everything was exactly what we wanted – our time here is precious so we knew we were off to a good start when you turned up at our hotel on time! We had such a good time hiking in Ahmad Awa – Friday was definitely the day to do it with all the families picnicking, and we will never forget Halabja.

Thanks again to Karwan and your driver (I can’t remember his name…)

Zor spas (thank you) - Sarah and Naomi (UK)


Hi, we did your Sulymaniyah day tour on Tuesday with your guide Dara and we wanted to give you some feedback.

Dara was absolutely fantastic. His English is excellent and he really made the day trip for us. The highlights for us were Amna Saraka, the museum and our photos, which turned out great that we took up on Mount Azmar. The sun was setting and the view over Suly was breathtaking.

Dara is an asset to Kurdistan Adventures – we will be recommending you guys to other independent travellers and good luck with your upcoming escorted tours. Look us up if you are ever in Canada.

Peace… Phill and Amy (Canada)

Group Tours


Mr Richard F (United States)


A truly wonderful trip - great company, right sized group. Sami was an excellent driver and friend - he made us laugh and he was down to earth and made us all feel very welcome and helped us - top man! Karwan was the man with the local knowledge who really enjoyed telling us about his experiences - he is an absolute asset for these types of trips. Shannon - mate, good bloke, looked after us and organised the drinks and meals and got things done. One of the best trips I have ever done, the Kurds - such lovely people and its made me so much more supportive of their cause. I will now actively keep up with the progress of Kurdistan.

Miss Rebecca R (New Zealand)


A truly rewarding trip with local guides of the highest quality. Sami was an excellent guide, translator and driver who went out of his way to try to satisfy our needs. He went to great trouble to help us find pictures of old Shaqlawa (and actually succeeded in locating a poster for us) and to get some CDs of Kurdish music. Karwan, who, we understand, does not usually go on the trips, did such a great job of providing local history and personal detail which we greatly appreciated.

Mr and Mrs Peter and Morven B (United States)


What an extraordinary trip! The open-hearted hospitality of the people, the spectacular mountain scenery, the heart-breaking history and fiercely proud heritage - and the astonishing building boom of both cities and spirit that all this has produced, makes Kurdistan an experience like no other. Karwan gave us such insight into the hopes and realities of the region and treated us to one surprise after another. The picnic at Ahmad Awa was magic! More time in the Rowanduz Gorge would be great. Thanks to all at Kurdistan Adventures for making this unique opportunity so enjoyable!

Mr and Mrs Ann and Paul S (Canada)